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Barry Mallis (
24 May 1995 13:09:09 -0400

Replying to LO1346 --

Replying to John Warfield's notes about LO1320

John's comments about soak time and incubation remind me that there is a
great amount of practical, day-to-day, successful work on the floor of
manufacturing plants (and within many other non-manufacturing
organizations) using the seven-step problem solving technique as modified
by Shiba et alia. Essential elements of the 7-step process include what is
refered to as the W-V model. The name refers to the shapes of the path of
activity, up and down like the written letters, from "thought" to
"experience" and back to thought, etc.

The model offers delineated periods of reflection, including one at the
end of the process specifically entitled reflection. For more information
on this, refer to Shiba's A New American TQM, published by the Center for
the Quality of Management at MIT in cooperation with Productivity Press.

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