Re: Incentives LO1316
Fri, 19 May 1995 19:07:57 -0400

Replying to LO1297 --

Dear Mike:

Thanks for your thoughtful critique of Maslow's hierarchy of needs as it
applies to incentives in an organization. Your point (I think) that the
hierarchy shouldn't be applied in a linear hiearchial way is well taken.
There is more to what "turns us on" that what appears. The old saying that
"It's not the money its the prinipal of the thing." Leaves the cynic
saying, "Yeah, well I bet my last dollar, It's the money".

And you are right that there is more to incentives than just personal
preferences. Culture and feedback from peers is important. We have
anorexia nervosa in teenagers as proof of that.

However, don't preach to me when my belly is aching cause I don't listen
good except to the growls and gurgles and wonder when the hell the speaker
is going to shut up and I get to eat. Have you heard Lyle Lovett's great
song, "Church" on his Joshua Judges Ruth album? Great song about the
preacher preaching when the congregation is "mighty hungry" and is ready
for good corn bread.

So if we don't throw Maslow away, and I agree we shouldn't, where do we go
with him?

David Markham