Re: Soul LO1315
Fri, 19 May 1995 19:05:22 -0400

Replying to LO1298 --


In therapy the changing of a term such as passengers to human frieght, and
prison guards to correction officers or nurses is known as a reframe. The
changing of the term invokes a whole different frame of reference and
psychological set which changes behavior and ways of relating.

The "soul" of an organization is a reification. What does it refer to?
When we refer to soul in the context of an organization what images come
to mind?

One additional thread in this discussion that I have not seen discussed
much is the idea of the evil organization. If there are good
organizations, can there be bad organizations? If there are holy and/or
saintly organizations can there then be evil organizations?

I believe that there can be evil organizations, because I have been a part
of some, and I have read about and studied others.

Several years ago the good Rabbi Kushner wrote a book called,"When bad
things happen to good people." I have wanted to write a book entitled,
"When good people do bad things." When good people do do bad things they
almost always are part of evil organizations.

Enough for now.
David Markham