Seeking Bus Simulations LO1279

Josie Csete (
Wed, 17 May 1995 05:04:42

My colleague is looking for a new computerized business simulation that is
suitable for first year business students (university level). Qualities
that are being sought include:

1) being able to group students into "companies" that make business
decisions and get results quickly - that can be played over a number of
simulated years

2) not being too culturally specific (students are in Hong Kong, and
scenarios that are too geographically specific are alienating)

3) allow for some teacher intervention (i.e. if the students figure out
the formula or system- the teacher can modify)

4) the program doesn't take too much teacher time for data input and

5) allows the students to be in competition

We would appreciate points like the following:
1) information on specific business simulation programs (including
how to get ahold of them)

2) pointers to other mailing lists or people who may be able to
answer this question.

In the interests of not clogging up learning-org - send your comments to
us at

Josephine M. Csete
Educational Development Officer
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

for Margaret Kwan Business Studies Department Hong Kong Polytechnic University