Re: Not-doing LO1278

Wed, 17 May 95 12:04:39 PDT

Replying to LO1236 --

Replying to BernardGirard LO1239: The value/utility of discussing
NOt-doing, Soul, etc..." I never found soul under my scalpel"

These discussions may not be for everyone, indeed. However, the quote you
ended your post with(above) prompts me to respond. So long as our method
of inquiry is a scalpel, true, we will not find Soul, we won't even find
the . Heart..the Heart that understands the truth of another, the Heart
that responds to the love of another, that Heart that appreciates the
forgiving gesture of another...need I go on.

So our method of inquiry is dialogue and discourse to probe the interiors
that will never be revealed by scalpel or such instrumentalities. Or
perhaps our "scalpel" is discrimination, clarity, reflection,
speaking/listening, empathy, compassion, agape.

Organizations are also human social enterprises.And to say organizations
are more than the interactions of its members is, true, not new. However,
we still have very little real understanding of what organizations are? So
we probe the depths, the interiors with our intellectual and emotional

Tim J. Sullivan
Ministry of Health