Re: Stories v. Case Studies LO1271
Wed, 17 May 95 12:56:52 EST

Replying to LO1244 --

>On Wed, 3 May 1995, James W. Hunt wrote:
>> How is storytelling different from real world case studies?

On May 17, Tim Temple responded:
"The only difference I can tell is that case studies are
historical/factual. Stories don't have to be. Maybe case
studies is a subset of stories?"

To add another thought about the difference, I usually think of stories as
illustrative of a single point, often told in a way that encourages me to
"suspend disbelief," as Barry Mallis suggested in LO1216. I think of case
studies as a more three-dimensional telling in which I am encouraged to
walk around, learn what I can and add my own judgment to the situation.
Case studies often intentionally stop short of either the last chapter or
drawing a moral conclusion.

Marilyn Darling