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> Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 17:44:33 -0700
> From: (Doug Blair)
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> Personally, I have trouble with the application of Maslow's hierarchy.
> While it does make an interesting analogy in many situations, it is based
> more on philosophy than on science.
> In practice, most employees are well beyond survival mode, so you're back
> to the same motivation and incentive issues. Second, many people tend to
> jump levels, so again you're back to the original issues. Individuals are
> motivated and incented by different factors.
> Maslow reads well, but I haven't been able to design a program with it to
> fit the masses. But other input will be appreciated.

Maslow's major lesson to us is probably not on how to design
incentive programs, but on how to design the work place to create un
environment that allows employees (all members of the organization) to
develop an dejoy work. AN environment that fosters creativityy, etc.
Ronnie Lessem ("Developmental Management", Blackwell, 1990) says that
"while Maslow's concept of a motivational hierarchy of needs has endured,
his more prolific ideas on `being values' have slipped into the managerial
background." The way Lessem discusses Maslow is by separating
"defficiency values", the basic needs, and "being values" which deal with
the higher order needs. He also says that managing on the basis of these
"being values" is what Maslow called "Eupsychian Management." These being
values include: "Truth, beauty, aliveness, goodness, wholeness,
uniqueness, individuality, perfection, completion, simplicity,
playfulness, self-sufficuency." This discussion of Maslow's theory by
Lessem opened my eyes even more to the proposition I discussed in previous
messages which dealt with the creation of an environment for collective
action. It is not motivation (as discussed in messages with Mike
McMaster), but it is a universal and natural things; human beings want to
enjoy those "being values." This is the foundation of my universal notion
to energizing an organization towards collective. Money is still
necessary (or so said my creditors), but money does not go far enough!


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