Re: Not-doing LO1247
Tue, 16 May 1995 21:03:27 -0400

Replying to LO1215 --

Also replying to Charles Barclay's note which commented on how difficult
it was--years of practice--to achieve the skill of "not thinking" of
anything, even for a minute, and wondering about the significance of this.
I think the significance is only how difficult it is to do. It says
nothing about the relationship between the skill itself and its intrinsic
worth to anyone other than the doer. There are many skills that take years
of practice to master so that they can be performed by the doer..even for
a few seconds. (One might even wonder if actually commenting on how
difficult "not thinking" is runs counter to the philosophy behind
it....which I thought was the focus of the various discussions among some
of us). Nonetheless, the tone of Mr. Barclay's note left me feeling I had
been insensitive, and somehow offended--however unintentionally--a
practice which has a long and revered history, and for that, I feel bad.

Dick Althouse.