Soul and Identification LO1246

Tue, 16 May 95 15:52:36 PDT

Replying to LO1169 --

*** Reply to note of 05/12/95 17:55

Replying to Doug's comments (LO1169...Soul and Identification)

If I understand your comments on Soul as medium impressed by experience,
by events happening, and I am not sure I do: Do you mean to say that if
there is "only" the ocean of consciousness, the universal soul AND also
individual soul which experiences uniquely and also participatively then
"experience" and "events" cannot be outside of or separate from the ocean,
so to speak, hence it is a contradiction to speak as such...? Well, I
agree. Perhaps it is the limitations of language (or my ability to use it)
that creates that that controdiction???

Another point: the crinkles I spoke about do seem to be separate
"constructions or formations" which remain so if we are identified with
them. That seems to be the specific predilection of our ego. The ego IS by
its ongoing activity of taking itself to be separate; thus from its POV it
is separate. When awareness shifts perception changes and the crinkle is
seen from the POV of nonidentified consciousness, the crinkle dissolves
back into the ocean, the soul moves on.

It is most difficult to speak of all these things at once, especially in
this format. There is a lot more to your comments that I wont deal with
now. We'll continue at another time. I enjoy your comments because you do
consider these notions thoughtfuly and deeply. I appreciate that.


Tim J. Sullivan
Ministry of Health