Re: Incentives LO1229

Doug Blair (
Mon, 15 May 1995 17:44:33 -0700

Replying to Re: Incentives LO1221 --

>Has Maslow's hierarchy of needs been brought up as an example of where
>people are at in terms of their felt needs and then based on that,
>incentives are developed?

Personally, I have trouble with the application of Maslow's hierarchy.
While it does make an interesting analogy in many situations, it is based
more on philosophy than on science.

In practice, most employees are well beyond survival mode, so you're back
to the same motivation and incentive issues. Second, many people tend to
jump levels, so again you're back to the original issues. Individuals are
motivated and incented by different factors.

Maslow reads well, but I haven't been able to design a program with it to
fit the masses. But other input will be appreciated.

Good luck,
Doug Blair, Houston,