Soul LO1186
Sat, 13 May 1995 07:15:20 -0400

A couple of years ago I toured the FAA training facility in Oklahoma City.
During a demonstration of their control tower simulator, I was struck by
the language the controler was using as he communicated with a virtual
pilot. He requested the number of "souls" onboard the imaginary plane. I
believe that this is not required language but is a custom among many air
traffic controllers. In terms of neuro linguistic programming, it seems
to me that the use of "souls" rather than "people" sends a powerful
message to both the pilot and the controller. Perhaps the business world
would be a better place if we would talk of the number of "souls on board"
instead of the number of employees in a firm.

Michael Price
Research Center for Continuing Professional and Higher Education
University of Oklahoma
(405) 325-1080
Host's Note:

I'm a pilot and I can verify that in an emergency situations, the
controller asks the "number of souls on board." I was once in an emergency
situation and the word had an effect.

-- Rick Karash,, host for learning-org