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Thu, 11 May 1995 08:32 CST

Replying to Ivan Blanco's Re: Not-doing LO1146:

> What I see as a major problem with the "not-doing" choice is that
>most people who opt for this choice might make the assumption that they
>are playing safe. I believe that the "not-doing" is riskier than doing!

I think it's OK to play safe. If poeple are playing safe, they are either
unsure of what to do and respecting the situation enough not to risk
wrecking something, or they're protecting themselves. The whole point of
not-doing is to see into the situation deeply enough to know what's
needed, either action or non-action. The major problem, as I see it, is
that we don't get out of ourselves enough to see a situation in all its
complexity. Then our actions don't fit the situation and we ruin things
instead of letting them follow their natural course.

Does this help?

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