Soul LO1150

Doug Seeley (
11 May 95 04:39:52 EDT

Replying to Eleanor Wynn in LO1148

" Some people are atheists and don't want to talk about soul. Why make
them uncomfortable? In short I feel it is not very soulful to be pushy
about soul. .... "

Eleanor, I think that this goes to the heart of the issue... your
sentence, since I have been an atheist for many years in a period that
seems like a long time ago, can be turned around..

"Some people are spiritual and don't want to engage in conversations where
their soul is objectived out of existence..."

I agree that being pushy about any of our conversations doesn't work, and
is not soulful. I would also agree that speaking explicitly about soul to
client organizations would not be very effective, and I agree that
"walking soulfully in the world, is better than merely talking soulfully".

I have been assuming that this is a forum for the exchange of ideas, and
not a consultant/organization relationship. Exchanges must be felt to be
free, while being respectful of others and their freedom, in order to
really communicate. Some of Us enjoy talking about soul and find it
useful. It is just as pushy to direct Us to not talk about soul.

The authority and force behind the implicit taboos about not talking about
God, consciousness and soul at English-speaking academia in recent decades
made them barren, narcissistic grounds for me. That kind of institutional
mental coercion was for me just as oppressive as unjust laws. Seems to me
that free choice, especially in the realm of thinking, is extremely
important, or perhaps You think that there should be a separate LO List
for soul-talkers??

Doug Seeley <>