Incentives LO1135

David E. Birren, MB/5, 608.267.2442 (
Wed, 10 May 1995 10:58 CST

Replying to Charles Fleetham's post LO1118 re incentives:

The story of how incentives worked at first and then becamse disruptive is
an excellent example of what happens when we deal only with extrinsic
motivators. As Charles says: "... incentives are not uniformly bad or
indicative of exploitative management." Right. Management may not be
exploitative, just a little short-sighted and missing the tools to tap
into those things that motivate people intrinsically.

As Alfie Kohn is fond of saying: "Pay your people well, and pay them
fairly. Then do everything you can to get their minds off money."

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