Distinctions LO1068

Doug Seeley (100433.133@compuserve.com)
05 May 95 10:18:13 EDT

Responding to Art Kleiner LO1034 and Kent Myers LO1040 and others...

I really appreciate all of the constructive feedback I have got on this
question.. feels like I grew up in some kind of cocoon about it.

In particular your feedback has made it crystal clear for me why I get
such vastly different kinds of responses when a) I present synchronicities
(the meaningful coincidences.... not synchronizations) and spend a lot of
words presenting an interwoven tapestry for contexts, and b) when I
attempt to describe some systemic phenomena with respect to the growth or
decay of networks.

Speaking of which, has anyone noticed any meaningful coincidences
(synchronicities) suddenly appearing from networked connections?? I mean
the kind of thing that seems to defy ordinary causality (as Jung pointed
out). For example, the person organizing a workshop for me in a very
large city, turns out to have lived next door to the house I used to live
in, etc....??

I am following a hunch that such phenomena indicate the presence of
underlying deep connections within some system.

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