TIMS Organization Dissertation Award LO1067

Pamela Haunschild (FHAUNSCHILD@GSB-Lira.Stanford.EDU)
Thu, 4 May 1995 15:38:36 -0700 (PDT)

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The TIMS College on Organization Best Dissertation Proposal Award
recognizes the Ph.D. candidate with the best dissertation proposal
in the Organizations area (see the Policy Statements in Management
Science, March 1995, and Organization Science, February 1995, for
guidance). Applicants should submit a proposal, limited to 15
double-spaced pages of text, by September 8, 1995. The proposal
should develop the theory and method for the proposed research. The
applicant's dissertation adviser should also submit a nominating
letter certifying that the applicant has been admitted to candidacy
and is likely to complete the dissertation research in 1996. Students
expected to complete the dissertation before 1996 are not eligible.
Each university department may nominate an unlimited number of students
for the award, but no more than two students from any university
may be selected as finalists.

Finalists will be invited to present their research in a workshop on
Sunday, October 29, 1995. At the workshop, finalists will have an
opportunity to get detailed feedback from a panel of expert organizational
scholars. There will also be opportunities for informal discussion with
panel members and other finalists. The winners of the award will be
selected and announced at the end of the workshop. The student with the
best dissertation proposal will receive a $500 award and the runner-up
will receive a $250 award. All finalists will receive a free one-year
subscription to Organization Science.

Judges for this year's competition include:

Linda Argote Carnegie Mellon University
Jennifer Chatman University of California - Berkeley
Alison Davis-Blake University of Texas - Austin
Pamela Haunschild Stanford University
Michael Lawless University of Colorado
Arie Lewin Duke University
Anne Miner University of Wisconsin - Madison
James Walsh University of Michigan
Edward Zajac Northwestern University

Please direct submissions, nominating letters and inquiries to:

Professor Pamela R. Haunschild
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-5315
(415) 723-1527