Conference on Leadership LO1059 5/95 Wash D.C.
Thu, 4 May 1995 08:26:20 -0400

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The 12th Scientific Meeting of the A.K. Rice Institute is devoted to
leadership in organizations.

A number of the leading writers on leadership will be presenting
at this meeting. The writers include
James MacGregor Burns
Wesley Carr
Laurence Gould
Ronald A. Heifetz
Joanne Ciulla
Mark Ettin
Arthur Coleman
Fred Alford
John Alderice
Edward E. Sampson

If your have more interest call Diane Zoelle at (202) 362 4763
or (301) 405 5751 or e-mail

the interesting stuff.)

The 12th Scientific Meeting of the A.K. Rice InstituteMay 10 through May 13, 1995
The J.W. Marriott, Washington, DC
Hosted by Washington-Baltimore Center of the AK Rice Institute
In association with the Center for Political Leadership and
Participation at the University of Maryland

Chairs of the Meeting:
Meeting Chair Georgia Sorenson, Ph.D;
Program Chair Zachary Green, Ph.D.

Meeting Theme and Significant Issues:
Conceptions of leadership and propositions about what good
leadership entails are enduring topics within systems of human
relations. The goal of the 12th Scientific Meeting of the AK
Rice Institute is to study and discuss the function of leadership
in group and organizational life and the role of the leader in a
complex global society.
The Meeting will explore these issues in the context of the
Institute's missions and tasks:
to extend experiential group conference learning to subgroups of society
that hold widely disparate views of what constitutes leadership....
to create additional models for understanding the roles of self in relation
to others....
to develop techniques of consultation that contribute to the creation of
effective and
rewarding work environments....
to discover ways in which the interpretive stance can contribute to the
betterment of
our communities and the world at large.

A.K. Rice Institute members and other persons interested in the study of
leadership, community,
organizational and group life are invited to participate.


The A.K. Rice Institute was established in 1970 as a non-profit educational
Its mission is to further the study of groups and organizations using the
principles and
traditions developed at the Centre for Applied Social Research of
the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, England.
Using evolving theories of dynamic psychology and open systems,
the Institute aims to promote the understanding of group and
organizational processes which influence work within
institutions. Committed to the belief that this learning is best
accomplished experientially, the A.K. Rice Institute sponsors
group relations conferences as well as the bicannual scientific
meeting, organizational consultation, and training workshops. It
also publishes selected works in the group relations field.


Developing Effective Leaders -- Macia Feene and Anne Rarich
New Leaders and "About to be" Leaders -- Nancy Adams
The Study of Emergent Group Leader'Action in a Newly Formed Group' -- Carl

'Four Approaches to Group Life -- Fred Massarick, Vivian Gold, James Krantz,
Evangelina Holvino


Session I 10:30c11:45
Retrospective on the A. K. Rice Institute -- Barbara Bowen Winderman, Chair
Elements of the Whole: Five Dimensions of the New Paradigm Leadership --
David Lassiter
Leadership at the Macro Level: Moving Beyond Individuals and Teams -- William
Leadership and Higher Education: Creating A New Legacy of Education and

Session II 2:00c3:15
Retrospective on the A. K. Rice Institute
Elements of the Whole: Five Dimensions of the New Paradigm Leadership --
David Lassiter
Leadership and Social Capital -- Richard A. Couto
Leadership and Chaos Theory through Weather Forecasting -- Art Hom
Leadership Training: Helping Women to Become Effective Coach Leader -- John
Greaser and
John Douglas

Session III 3:45-5:00
New Frontiers of Leadership:Exploring the Implications of New Science for
Leadership -- David Lassiter
Legacy as Transformation: A Hermeneutic Perspective on the Evolution of
Leadership Studies
-- William Howe
The Psychodynamics of Architectural Practice -- Robert Gutman

Session I 10:30c11:45
Thinking About the Unthinkable: The Indispensable Use of "the Temporary
for Organizational Contingency Planning -- Killorin Riddell and Monty
Toward a Comprehensive Framework for Understanding Organizational Life: The
Group Relations
Contribution -- Michael Chase
Freud as Leader: The Early Years in Vienna -- Kenneth Eisold
The Psychological Understanding of Role -- Barry Evans
The Psychodynamics of Constructive Aggression: A Poster Session on Group
Processes -- George Kraus
Exploring Women in AKR (Part I) -- Beverly Malone, Debra Noumair and Zeborah
The Importance of Intrapsychic Capabilities for Competencyin Group Relations
Work --Kathryn Ford
Understanding Crossccultural Implications of Ethical Leadership and Cultural
Values: A Turn of
the Kaleidoscope -- Nance Lucas
Leadership Ethics: Mapping theTerritory -- Joanne Ciulla

Friday, Session II 2:00-3:15
Leadership and Improving Student Performance in a Multi-Ethnic, Cultural and
Public School District -- Carl Mack
Mediation of Small Group Conflicts -- Mark Ettin
Classroom Containment of Hostile Gang Irrationality Can Be Transformed into
Learning -- Toni Ward
The Fundamental Role of Leadership: Transforming Followers into Leaders --
Marshall Sashkin
and William Rosenbach
Transformational Leadership: The View From the Humanities -- William Howe
Transforming Child's Play into Executive Savvy -- Colleen Jones
Successful Leadership is Wicked -- Joseph C. Bentley
Core Effectiveness Dimensions of Leadership: Are They Necessary and
Sufficient in the
Real World? -- Lowell Cooper and Susan Laughlin
The White Girl in Me, the Colored Girl in You, and the Lesbian in Us --
Medria Williams
and Debra Noumair
Who's on Top: Unchanging Demographic Patterns in Organizations -- Annelise
Trudy Heller, and Karen Proudford
A Consultation -- Ed Greenebaum
A Moscow Large Group Consultation -- Arthur Colman

Friday, Session III 3:45 - 5:00
Models of Collaborative Leadership -- Donna Piazza, Vivian Gold, Debra
Noumair, Kathleen Cain,
Faith Gabelnick, Barbara Winderman
Theory of Living Systems and Systemsccentered Practice -- Yvonne M.
The Role of Conference Director as Team Leader and Enterprise Manager Earl T.
The Emperor has No Customers: A Novice Director's Attempt to Enhance Consumer
of Conference Experience and it's Application -- Ernest Fruge
Gender and Leadership: The Need for "Public Talk" in Building an
Organizational Change
Agenda -- Nancie Zane
Letter to a Young Director -- Nancy Adams
Leadership and Succession Issues in Preparing Conference Directors:
Perspective for Three
Centers -- Nancy Wilson, Robert Baxter, Medria Williams

SATURDAY Plenary Session Edward E. Sampson Talk

Session I
How We Teach What We Teach -- Linda C Powell, Deborah Noumair,
Ronald Heifitz, Soloman Cyntrnbaum
Addiction as a Model of Group Relations Training -- Jeffery D. Roth
Leadership as Meaningcmaking in a Community of Practice: A New Model for
Leadership as
Structure and Process -- Sharon Rogolsky and Wilfred H. Drath
Consultation to Communitycbased HIV Service Organizations: Leadership on
Ground -- Geoffrey M. Reed
Leadership and Membership Work Patterns in the Large Group -- John Bair and
Jeff Stein
The Influence of Administration on Leadership, Conference and Organizational
Life -- Rufus
Barfield and Annelise Goldstein
The work of Wilfred Bion and Chris! Argyris in understanding small and large
dynamics -- Spedden A. Hause III
Leadership and Followership in the Twentieth Century: Historical and
Perspectives -- Richard Koenigsberg, Jim Glass, Fred Alford and Thomas J.
Saturday, Session II 2:00-3:15
Gender and Authority: Studies of Social Processes, Ideology and Culture in
All Female,
All Male and Mixed gender Group Relations Conferences -- Cytrynbaum, Karen
Granda, Susan Lee,
Robert Lipgar
Shifting Paradigms: The Impact of teaching about leadership and authority --
Linda C. Powell
Panel Chair
Leadership Training Institute of JFK -- Jeff Schultz
Citizens, Leaders and Groups -- Fred Alford
The Koan of the American Sangha The Leader as the Dimension Giver -- Tarnow
Exploring Women in AKRI(Part II) -- Beverly Malone, Debra Noumair and Zeborah
Instrumented Leadership Development -- David Lassiter

Saturday, Session III 3:45-5:00
Gender and Authority (continued)
Cultural Identity and Intergroup Relations: A Look at the Truth and
Consequences of Diversity
-- Martin Walker
Diversity as a Conference Topic:The Dilemma of a Theme Conference -- Ron
Service and servitude: Authority from Diverse Perspectives -- Vivian Gold,
Raymond Bakaitis
and Richard Chiles
History of Black Folk in AKRI -- Braxton, Wells, Wright, Franklin, Lewis,
Hunter, Barfield,
and Johnson
An Investigation of the Correlation Between the Stages of Development and the
Devices of a Black Self
Analytic Study Group -- Rufus L. Barfield
The Color of Segregation: Black-on-black Racism -- William Harris
Creative Fraud vs Creative Integrity: Orthodoxy in Group Relations Conference
Work -- Charla
The Social Construction of Diversity and Authority: A Dialogic Approach --
Debra Noumair and
Geoffrey M. Reed
Instrumented Leadership Development:Using 360 Feedback to Stimulate Growth --
David Lassiter