Re: Storytelling LO1058

Thu, 04 May 1995 07:35 -0500 (EST)

Back to you, Barry, re: your response to me in LO1047

When you said

"Your group's experience with creating a program for others to
use suggests the need bring in the relatively uninitiated at
several points in the creative cycle. Often we "experts" who are
so close to and so knowledgeable about the task fail to jump
into the fishbowl to swim with the "users". Instead we gaze from
the outside, our perceptions distorted by glass and water

You hit on something here. I have no doubts that if the group of
experts had been "turned loose in the room" to just develop this
system themselves, they most likely would have felt no need to
"tell their stories". Why should they? there would have been no
novice there to give them cause.

Eileen Sample