RE: Storytelling LO1018

Lindsey, Paul (PEL@ENG2.TRACOR.COM)
Tue, 02 May 95 09:10:00 PDT

Replying to LO981 --

On April 28, 1995, Ron Mallis wrote:

"I've started to notice -- perhaps belatedly -- considerable attention
being paid to the concept of storytelling as a way of transmitting
learning. My own notion of storytelling is of a way of not only making
sense of the past, but of constructing future strategies; at the same
time, it must involve all constituent parts of an organization -- external
and internal. "

I am very interested in this aspect for communicating strategies. Ron
might want to read "The Art of the Long View" by Peter Schwartz.
Scenarios are useful for expressing future possibilities and framing the
planning process. Putting this into practice someplace outside a Rand
Corp. is probably a challenge but it is instructive reading, nonetheless.

Paul Lindsey
Tracor Aerospace