Re: Storytelling LO1001
Mon, 1 May 1995 09:02:14 -0700

Replying to LO981 --

In LO984 Gerry Starnes talked about the relationship between storyteller
and listener and the resulting "co-creation" of the analogy "enlarging the
concept often beyond the original, and sometimes linking the new creation
with other 'stories' as well."

For whatever it's worth, I wrote an article recently -- "Story Telling,
Community, and Organizational Learning" -- that managed to get to the same
point. This is, I know, self-indulgent, but what the hell....I say that
"the need to tell stores...continues to evolve from human confrontation
with the seemingly inexplicable. Our stories sometimes take the form, or
become the basis, of legends or myths as we attempt to deal with external
or internal discontinuities or changes. We join with others to create
these particular stories, building our responses probably on certain
supppositions, perhaps on some actual knowledge, possibly on wishful
thinking, and certainly on an element of fear. In such an effort, each of
us adds to the story, resulting in a deeper collective ability to deal
with the discontinuity....Through the collaborative creation of
appropriate stories, we forge a community whose members are able to give
shape to experience, to thrive with change, and, in the deepest, most
innovative sense of the word, to learn." And later: "we [must] begin to
reframe some existing assumptions and definitions and, most importantly,
begin to attach a business valuie to the natural creation of these
"communities of conversation. And a true sign of our success will be an
explosion of even more questions. Which is how stories, communities, and
organizations continue to stay alive and continue to remain responsive to
the world of which they are a part."

Thanks for listening.

Ron Mallis