Re: Sustainable economic growth?

Iris Berdrow (
Sat, 31 Dec 94 10:20:52 EST

In response to Marilyn Darling's question about sustainable economic growth.
It seems to me that we only ever focus on growth as a linear growth in market
share, sort of like the Packman game - the more you eat before you get eaten,
the better the chance of survival. What about a three dimensional growth in
which we get better at what we are doing? A growth like this implies creating
new value by finding better ways of doing the same thing, and/or creating new
value by finding new types of demand within the same market. This would be a
more holistic approach, rather than a war-based approach. This, I think, is
the essence of becoming a learning organization. My fear, however, is that
companies will take the term "Learning Organization" and use only the parts of
it that will make them more money instantly, much like Business Process

Happy New Year and a healthy 1995 to all,
Iris Tiemessen
Western Business School.