Sustainable economic growth?
Fri, 30 Dec 94 16:14:21 EST

If this is appropriate (I'm sure Rick will tell me if it's not!), I would like
to bring a question to this group that has been on my mind for some time that I
would now like to study more directly. In your opinion, is there such a thing
as "sustainable economic growth"?

| Host's Note: This could be quite relevant. Senge's keynote address at
| the November Pegasus conference focused on sustainability and the
| Natural Step movement in Sweden as an example of what infrastructure
| might be. I suggest we'd like to keep our discussion here connected
| to organizational learning...
| - Rick Karash

Economic sustainability, as I understand how we currently measure it, rests on
the assumption of continued growth of some sort. From a systems perspective,
is this viable in the long-run for the individual company and/or for the
collective economy? If not, what model could/should replace it? Perhaps
another way to ask is what creates true "economic sustainability" for a
corporation in today's economic environment?

My interest in this question comes from some values work I did with a F500
corporation. The client was very interested in the idea of sustainability in
both the realms of the environment and economics, but I was unprepared to help
them extend the concept into the economic sphere to my satisfaction.

I'm interested both in your opinions/experiences re: the questions above and in
any reading you could suggest to me.

A happy new year to everyone!
Marilyn Darling