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Wed, 28 Dec 94 21:48 GMT

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On 25/12/94 Craig Carroll wrote:

>>A particular question that I am interested in is whether or not one
could>>explain unsuccessful intervention efforts in terms of discrepancy
of >>metaphors. I would like feedback from others concerning this idea,
or >>perhaps the experience of others to shed light or test this concept.

There have been failures of Business Process Re-engineering within a
number of companies as well as some short-term gains in many more -
especially in the UK.

Business Process Re-engineering has been used to analyse business
processes but few have gotten around to the 're-engineering' part of the
equation. They have cut out waste to increase profits today rather than
re-invest those saved resources in new projects and new products. The
result will be that in a few years time the companies present products
will be reaching the end of their cycle with no new ideas to replace them.

In the last few years the UK has seen thousands being made redundant in
the interests of Business Process Re-engineering, in a few years time
those same companies will fold (and hence making thousands more
redundant). Skills are being lost rather than developed. Many
redundant employees have started their own businesses but with few
resources they either go to the wall or remain small. They have a
difficult job in their fight for survival and visions for the future have
to take a back seat.

Me? I'm doing my own thing. I'm happy doing it and any employer who
wants my skills on a *permanent* basis can whistle in the wind. I AIN'T

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