Re: Intro: David Damm-Luhr (Cambridge, MA, USA)

Wed, 28 Dec 94 12:12:17 PST

David - I used to correspond with a cyber-friend who was an outside
member of a government board in New Zealand, looking at issues related
to wind-turbines. From what I learned from him, and what I've seen on
some other discussion lists about developments in New Zealand over the
past few years, I strongly suggest you take a look at how the
government down there has "reinvented" itself.

There have also been big changes in Labor-Management relations. They
were on the brink of disaster and have turned things around, where
today they are a quiet but formidable force in the Pacific economy.
All this in a political atmosphere far more liberal than one could
even imagine in the USA. Government, business, and labor leaders can
all learn something from their experiences.

I'm sorry but I don't have that e-mail address any longer, it's been
many months. But I hope this helps, it shouldn't be too difficult to
find more information about something as big as this.

Sean Gawne
Southern California Edison

PS - give my regards to AlGore!

"A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice." Ed Howe