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> ... I was struck by Lexy Martin's "musings on technology and
> OL-#2". This posting mentions the use of computer-mediated communication
> as an "enabler in the creation of learning organizations". I would very
> much like to hear more from anyone on this subject! I have been struggling
> for some time to put together a research project (for a dissertation in
> Public Administration) centering on the use of CMC in organizational
> learning. Clearly, org. learning requires that much information be
> created/found, interpreted, and distributed to those who need it, and just
> as clearly communication technologies are used in those processes. But how
> do you determine whether or when communication technologies have
> contributed to effective org. learning (e.g. new organizational
> capabilities or new shared mental models)? And what makes it more or less
> likely that people will use CMC technologies to help organizational
> learning?
> Thanks for any reactions or suggestions.
> David Turner
For several reasons (age of the bosses, the tendency to hold on to
the traditonal organizational paradigm, computer illiteracy, etc.), public
administration is generally characterized as an environment where employees
"learn" a lot faster than their "bosses." In this case organizational learning
cannot take place because those bosses have too much power to make decisions,
and to perpetuate the system. So what we have is a number of employees who
take advantage of the oppportunities to develop themselves, and then leave
frustrated because they see "some lights" that others cannot and/or don't want
to see! These employees could learn, for instance, how to improve some
processes, but there is no receptivity on the part of those who can make
the decision to improve by trying new methods. So opportunities for
organizational learning get lost in this incomplete exchange. This is one of
the reason why the private controlled service option always looks or appears
more appealling than the government controlled one!


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