re. technology & OL discussion
Sun, 18 Dec 1994 20:47:02 GMT

I have only joined the learning-org. list in the last few days and right
away find discussions going on that focus on areas I'm interested in. In
particular, I was struck by Lexy Martin's "musings on technology and
OL-#2". This posting mentions the use of computer-mediated communication
as an "enabler in the creation of learning organizations". I would very
much like to hear more from anyone on this subject! I have been struggling
for some time to put together a research project (for a dissertation in
Public Administration) centering on the use of CMC in organizational
learning. Clearly, org. learning requires that much information be
created/found, interpreted, and distributed to those who need it, and just
as clearly communication technologies are used in those processes. But how
do you determine whether or when communication technologies have
contributed to effective org. learning (e.g. new organizational
capabilities or new shared mental models)? And what makes it more or less
likely that people will use CMC technologies to help organizational

Thanks for any reactions or suggestions.

David Turner