Re: Creating a Company Vision

Branford Edulink Account (BRFD2@YaleVM.CIS.Yale.Edu)
Wed, 21 Dec 94 11:18:03 EST

I just read the Hanover Insurance section...outstanding material. Burt Nanus'
book, Visionary Leadership (Jossey-Bass), is also a good resource/blueprint.

Not to over-simplisticize (sorry!), but asking the questions - "Why are we
here?" "What do we want to do?" - is a good way to start eliciting the basic
values that will serve as the underpinning of a meaningful and perhaps most
importantly, useful vision.

Anyone who answers either question, "To make alot of money," should be beaten
soundly with a soggy 5-dollar note! Profit is secondary to and more likely to
result from company-wide focus on the fundamentals of the vision-making
process. I mean sustained profitability.

I've always like the construction metaphor: Not laying the groundwork of
identifying core values and developing a vision is like builiding a house from
the second floor up - the structure won't stand for long, if it even gets
established at all.

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