Re: The whole piece
Sat, 17 Dec 1994 07:06:05 -0500 (Mike Kohl) writes:

> I meet regularly with senior executives who seem
>to take a "fad of the year" view of things like TQM, BPR,
>Creativity/Innovation and Learning organizations.
>I would be interested in any thoughts on integrated approaches
>which put it all together for top managment. Help!

Here's one approach my past organization took which might be worth
considering and further developing.

To kick off the new year's "fad" we knew we had to overcome significant
resistance to just such faddism. We ended up taking each of the "new age"
management books which had been the focus of a retreat during the previous
decade (e.g., Reinventing Government, In Search of Excellence, On Leadership,
The Tao of Leadership, 7 Habits, etc.), and did an informal factor analysis
on what they all shared in common.

The end result was a four part program which we simply called our
"Organizational Development Program" just to avoid faddishness. We would
then select and use the new book/flavor of the year to market, advance,
refine, re-focus our ongoing organizational commitment.

OD Program:

Mission: To increase the organization's adaptiveness and responsiveness in
light of rapidly increasing change through the year 2000

Strategies: Customer Focused
Team Based
Data Driven Decisions
Continuous Process Improvements

Hope this helps.