Intro-Alexia (Lexy) Martin
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 00:43:04 -0500

I wish I could spend more time on this dialogue. There are so many threads
to follow. As a wife and mother of two fabulous college agers, I'm
interested in LO and education and family. Professionally, I'm Director of
Techhnology Solutions at Co-Development International (a 50 person group
doing OD
consulting, technology, and learning support). I'm working to introduce
interactive, multimedia kiosks in several large companies. These systems
give employees access to their personnel records, training options, job
postings, benefit options, etc. They also allow the employees to give
feedback to the system designers--so we can improve the system. From reading
this dialogue, I've gotten all kinds of ideas for user supported design (over
and beyond the ACM approaches--more on this later).

I've entered a thought on technology and organizational learning and I see
several deep comments. I want to take a stab weaving these ideas together
and will over the coming weekend. Is that accepted practice here?

I've known for years that technology in organizations is less about the
technology itself and more about the implementation process. I feel I can
learn much from all of you who are "implementing" learning organizations to
help address the challenges of implementing changes through and from

And, if you've noticed my threads/weaving notions, it's because I love to

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