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John Gould (
13 Dec 1994 19:47:01 -0500

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Hi Gary:
Its nice to see other educators looking to systems thinking as a way to
rethink what we are doing! My name is John Gould and I'm the Dir. of the
Center for Systemic School Renewal located at IU 23 in Norristown,PA. I am
working with 25 school districts in using the tools of systems thinking to
develop Learning Organizations.
For it to work the total system must be engaged. I am working with Boards,
central office, principals, and teachers in learning how to use the tools.
Will be starting with Middle School students in an alternative school that I
have responsibility for in the IU. Mental Models is one of the critical
tools. It brings to the surface many of the underlying assumptions that block
growth, i.e. intelligence, tracking, interdisciplinary, etc.
I would be glad to share what I am finding about the use of systems thinking.

From: "John Gould" <>

Date: 12/12/94 11:16 PM
To: John Gould
I must admit that I am not yet certain that the systems approach is going to
catch on in education and I'm not sure how hard I should be pushing for it,
but I am very intrigued by the potential of a systems approach to transform
education. Where does one begin? I wonder if it is possible to use it in
the classroom and not have it be part of our organizational structure?