Re: Boring firms `are killing creativity' in the workplace

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Fri, 9 Dec 1994 20:15:03 EST5EDT

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> The question is maybe: how do you tell such a firm that *it is
> boring*???

What's the context? Are you a consultant called in to help an
organization change? [If not, telling them is probably a waste of
time and energy.]

> What are list members thinking about this subject?? Any experiences

> with 'narrow corporate culture' like I had in one of the firms I
> working?

Narrow culture shows up in all kinds of areas. Clothing and personal
expression is a pet peeve of mine. If you need to be wearing a
Brooks Brothers suit, have a certain haircut, and essentially remove
all evidence of creative personal identity from your appearance and
work environment, you're not exactly about to start thinking far
outside the bounds of "conventional" wisdom. If you go look in very
creative fields, you find that the entire environment is geared
towards variety, unstructuredness [sometimes too LITTLE structure],
and maximum flexibility.

I'm in the midst of designing part of an MBA program, and am
wondering whether or not it's worth fighting the battle to be allowed
to wear something other than a 3-piece suit into the classroom.

- Stever

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