Thought and Intro -- Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell (
Fri, 09 Dec 1994 08:45:04 MST

Hello, I too am just joining this list and have been a student and studier of
systems charateristics and function. Currently I am the Manager of Training and
development for the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge Alberta Canada as my
signature shows. My greatest thought motivator is in looking at whole systems.
How people exist within them and what are the situational, structural and
influential/environmental characteristics that affect or disaffect
participation. I offer the following thought for the day as my intro.

Thought for the day: As with the "individual within a group" learning process
i.e. "think-pair-share" or "individual, small group, large group" (as one of
the more effective learning progressions) I find that personal
dialogue begins: "recognize me, help with relationships and immediate issues,
then I will think about the departmental or immediate group issues, help with
theses issues and relationships, and I will think about the organizational
issues and problems". The working model in this observed progression
is "think-pair-share", a working organizational learning process.

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