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7 Dec 1994 13:05:15 -0500

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Your insights and questions about technology have helped me to frame some
issues as I work with school districts in developing "learning organization."
Technology is a very forceful and scary tool for many educators. But, it is a
powerful CATALYST for both personal and organizational growth. The key for me
is that it must be linked to active participation in exploring the MENTAL
MODELS within the system.
To me, that gets at what Robert Levi raised in his respone to you about
the "control" issue. His point about complexity created by technology I think
is a relative issue to the individual (I am working with 4 computers, large
screen TV, cable, internet, CD-Rom, etc.: my 6 year old with a home computer
and one at school, CD-ROM, cable, etc.; my wife just just watches with
curiosity and sometime using one at work). I am alway checking my assumption
about what I'm doing with this "stuff" as I navigate the world and interact
with others. Even at six, I try to get my daughter to express her assumptions
about technology in her language.
If we keep the mental models active within the organization they will
enhance the understanding of the use of technology as a tool FOR LEARNING.
The other question deals with how human intelligence is enhanced through

Thanks for your model and examples. Live long and prosper!
John M. Gould
Dir. The Center for Systemic School Renewal

Date: 12/6/94 4:40 AM
To: John Gould
For several years, I've been working on the notion that technology
(software/hardware) can support organizational learning. While working at
the Institute for the Future, I developed a simple framework for how
technology can SUPPORT learning, borrowing from Bob Johansen's Groupware
4-square model. I started with the idea that learning (or training) takes
place in different venues of time and place.

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Alexia Martin