Re: Boring firms `are killing creativity' in the workplace

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> A headline in this morning's UK newspaper, the Independent, (6
> Dec, p.8), `Boring firms "are killing creativity" in the
> workplace':

> Organisations are becoming dangerously boring and
> unimaginative because of job losses, fear of unemployment
> and the climate of insecurity at work....

> Refers to a new book by Peter Herriot and Carole Pemberton,
> Competitive Advantage through Diversity, Sage, 12.50pds.

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> Colston Sanger

This is exactly one of the subjects I was discussing this morning
with a customer, before returning to my office and reading the email.
I'm very much convinced that for many companies this will be one of
the major issues today and in future. Everybody is talking about the
importance of creativity and innovation, but if you take a look at
corporate cultures of these firms - well there's not much to be seen
which would allow space for creativity.
One of the main reasons leading to this dangerous status is obviously
- as you mentioned - economic situation and it's outcome like 'fear
of unemployment' etc.
But when discussing this with my customer this morning I think we
identified another very important factor: Lacking leadership and
mediocrity in management (to say it nicely). Or to say it in other
words: incompetent managers don't tend to take risks in hiring or
keeping employees which are not 'middle of the road' people. This
means they tend to surround themselves with 'boring people'. Like
this the whole company is becoming boring as indicated in this
An interesting subject, and I guess one which will keep us busy for
some time in the future.
The question is maybe: how do you tell such a firm that *it is
What are list members thinking about this subject?? Any experiences
with 'narrow corporate culture' like I had in one of the firms I was


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