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Hello -

I've been tuned into the group for a couple of weeks now and find much of the
discussion very interesting. Having been a CEO of companies (large and small,
public and private) for 20 years, I am now a Visiting Professor teaching
strategic management at the Syme School of Management at Monash University here
in Melbourne, Australia.

My teaching and interest areas are:

Strategy and competitive advantage (gaining it and using it)
Systems thinking
Organisational learning
System dynamics

That's not to mention the *really important* interests like Harley Davidsons,
wine & 50's/60's rock and roll!

I will be visiting the US for about 3 weeks from Christmas through mid-January,
primarily in the Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco/Stanford areas. I
would be interested in learning of any relevant meetings, conferences or
seminars that might be going on while I am there, and which I could take the
opportunity to attend. I would also be pleased to try meet any of you with
compatible interests in the areas I'll be visiting.

If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know along with a fax/internet
contact that I can use to get agenda and registration details.

Many thanks and keep up the interesting dialogue. I'm particularly bemused by
some of the comments about CEOs. We're not all so bad.

Bob Nordlinger


Note: If you have events to suggest to Bob that would be of general
interest, please cc: with your reply. Thanks!

- Rick Karash,, host