Announcing a RFD for a Facilitators Newsgroup
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 07:38:00 MST

For those who may be unfamiliar, this msg is about creating a Usenet
Newsgroup, an internet facility that has some similarity to a mailing list
like learning-org, but with many differences. See any of the popular
internet texts, or contact your internet provider for info. There are
roughly 10,000 newsgroups covering a *wide* variety of topics. To reply to
this message, or participate in the discussion about creating such a
newsgroup, do so in in news.groups, as requested below.

-Rick Karash, learning-org host

The following Request For Discussion has been posted in news.announce. If this
newsgroup is of interest send your comments to the usenet newsgroup news.groups.



Newsgroup name:
Status: unmoderated
Distribution: world
Summary: A worldwide networking forum for professional workshop, seminar,
and meeting facilitators, moderators, designers, leaders, and
Submitted by: Mary Margaret Palmer (

This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) for the creation of the
unmoderated newsgroup Discussion will be held
starting December 1 and go through to December 30. If there is enough interest
in the newsgroup, a Call for Votes (CFV) will be posted in January. The voting
will be conducted by a neutral third party.

Please send all follow up comments and messages to news.groups.

CHARTER is intended to be an unmoderated discussion group for
anyone who is professionally involved in providing facilitation or facilitation-
type services in a business, community, or governmental environment including
professional development "canned" seminars.

This newsgroup will be open to (but not limited to) those who

- conduct professional training workshops or seminars (e.g., CareerTracks type
seminars, management retreats, Seven Habits)
- design and conduct Search Conferences or Future Conferences
- design and conduct Participatory Design Workshops
- provide OD consulting and facilitation services
- design and conduct systems design workshops using a methodology like JAD,
- facilitate electronic meetings using groupware or meetingware (e.g.,
GroupSystems V, TeamFocus, CI-Toolkit)
- facilitate decision conferences
- conduct team building workshops or assist self-directed teams
- provide quality improvement assessment and facilitation services (e.g., TQM,
Malcolm Baldrige, Quest 2000, ISO-9000)
- provide conflict resolution, intervention, moderation, or arbitration services
- assist organizations in strategic planning, process engineering and
- facilitate meetings for their organization

This is a fairly broad list, but since it is not an area currently addressed on
the net, the initial scope of the group will remain fairly open. Omission of a
category of facilitation services from this list is not intentional.

Currently there is no newsgroup specifically for those involved in or interested
in the field of facilitation. There are mailing lists that address specific
related fields but nothing encompassing facilitation and facilitation-type
services in general. This newsgroup will fill this gap by becoming a place
where facilitators, OD consultants, business trainers, session leaders,
electronic meeting facilitators, TQM and team building specialists, etc. can
share ideas and lessons learned, provide advice and assistance, and post
educational, training, and consulting resources and opportunities.

This RFD will be cross-posted to the following newsgroups: comp.groupware,,, alt.self-improve,
comp.infosystems,, and biz.misc.

Notices of this RFD will be sent to the following mailing lists:
bpr-1 (business process redesign), kaw (knowledge acquisition workshops), gss-l
(group support systems), trdev-l (training and development), 4Hchall
(facilitator/challenge [ropes] training), learning-org (learning organizations),
crea-cps (creative problem solving), brkthr-l (breakthrough thinking), and
cscw-human-issues (Computer Supported Cooperative Work).