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Richard Karash (rkarash@world.std.com)
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 00:10:52 +0001 (EST)

This is a periodic posting for the list learning-org@world.std.com

Purpose: The purpose of this list is to enable everyone interested in the
Learning Organization concept to come together, share experiences and
learn together.

Policy: "You own your own words." Readers of this list should not
reproduce or repost elsewhere items from learning-org, except with
permission of the author.

Spirit: Many of us have found that learning is promoted by dialog in a
spirit of inquiry, curiosity, and mutual respect. We want to conduct our
discussion in that spirit on this list. Thus, our discussion will be less
strident, less authoritarian, less confrontational, less "knowing" than on
many internet forums.

Introductions: You are invited to introduce yourself to others on the
list. If you wish to do so, I suggest:
- Describe your experience with the learning organization concepts
- Say something about the questions you have, what you are curious about.
- Put "Intro -- your name" in the subject line so these intro messages
might be retrieved later from a possible archive.

Moderator: The list is now moderated by me, Rick Karash. Many subscribers
have told me that they have a problem if there are a large *number* of
messages on the list; I will moderate by combining replies on the same
topic. I will also bounce (back to the author) messages which are off
topic or contrary to the spirit of the list.

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