The Natural Step

Neal Laybhen (neal@Synopsys.COM)
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 09:17:19 -0800

Greetings to all from an as yet unintroduced LO listserv "member" (!) --

Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert (pronounced Robaire) discussed The Natural Step via
a series of events ranging from business forums to a public meeting during
the week of October 17 here in the SF Bay Area. Unfortunately I was unable
to attend. HOWEVER, my good friend and business associate Ms. Barbara
Schultz was a key player in the coordination of Dr. Robert's visit. Since
I know that the issue of sustainability in general and The Natural Step in
particular (and, as a matter of fact, Learning Orgs!) are very dear topics
to Barbara, she will be glad to talk to any of you about them.

Barbara can be reached at 415-456-3901 (voice), or 415-456-6441
(voicemail). Her mailing address is P.O. Box 827, Forest Knolls,
California 94933. She is not on the Internet.


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