Re: When to model?

Tue, 29 Nov 94 06:47:43 CST

>Each of us has a number of different "tools" we can use when responding to
>a clients' request for help. For what types of "requests for help" are
>System Dynamics models (e.g., ithink and its cousins) most appropriate?
>What are the criteria you use for choosing SD models over other approaches?
>If no interest in this topic, I promise to drop it this time. It's just
>that I have this new hammer, and suddenly everything looks like a nail...
All models are wrong, some are useful. It says it all. The problem
with having a new hammer is that we try to use to often. Not only does
this have a tendency to wear it out, but it seems to result in many
crushed fingers and thumbs from improper use. Use SD stuff when it
will help, ONLY!. If it doesn't give you what you need, don't use it.
One of the missed points of all the STOL stuff is that they give us
the ability to do common sense. We shouldn't forget this.
SFO was great. The biggest benefit of the long days and nights was
that many went west to learn specific tools, etc., and left learning
more about learning. It seems to be far more relevant.

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