Re: When to model?

John Gould (
29 Nov 1994 09:56:42 -0500

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I am BEGINNING to use ithink with school administrators in my systems
thinking workshops to model on the computer their design stories. These
stories are of new models of learning and schooling. I am hoping that they
will be able to see the results of their models. I will start using this
methos in two weeks. If this is what your are looking for I will keep you
updated on the results. I am using ithink on a MAC 520C Powerbook.

Date: 11/28/94 11:52 PM
To: John Gould

Each of us has a number of different "tools" we can use when responding to
a clients' request for help. For what types of "requests for help" are
System Dynamics models (e.g., ithink and its cousins) most appropriate?
What are the criteria you use for choosing SD models over other approaches?

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