Re: Evolution of executive thinking

Denis Cowan (
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 10:48:02 +0000

Keith Hi

Is this what you mean when you talk about changing the management ?

We tend to work with people at all levels of the organization and tend to
focus on what is within their realm of control. So a worker also has an
area where they have some control.

SO anecdotally I would agree with what you are saying. In our experience
2nd and 3rd tier manager and even workers can change things in their own
domain but it is sub-optimal to the organization as a whole.

The other thing that we are noticing is that middle managers are getting
tired. They are sick of having to change theoir bosses perspective
before they can get something done. Managing upwards has become a
nightmare where before it was the dream run.
just another thought> Does the problem lie in how CEO's manage ? Is it
more difficult to implemet change in a micro-managed org versus a
macro-managed org ??


On Sat, 26 Nov 1994, Keith Cowan wrote:

> No matter what the background of a CEO, they can be "sold" on taking
> pretty dramatic action. This action can impact all parts of the org.
> Unless the CEO embarks on a personal campaign to make the org "buy-in"
> the changes will be sub-optimal with many parts of the org rejecting
> or resisting the plan.
> Is the active "buy-in" and EFFECTIVE championing of new ways the critical
> element to beginning the road to an L-O by the CEO. Naturally we can
> debate what cpnstitutes "effective" as this can make a very large difference
> in the results.
> Have there been any recorded instances where the above is NOT the case?
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