Re: Learning I, II & III, Gregory Bateson, Steps to...

Andrew Moreno (
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 05:10:52 -0500


Daniel Aronson wrote:

>Learning IV does exist, to answer Andrew Moreno's question, but it is not
>achievable by any individual. Learning IV is a change in the process of
>paradigm change/construction, and Bateson's example of it is evolution,
>(which can change the structure of the brain to change the way that humans
>perceive the world and construct and modify paradigms).

This is very interesting. So, if someone were to consciously evolve
in a useful and appropriate direction
by playing with the chemical cocktail inside their heads (structure
of the brain) on a chemical or even cellular level, that would be
learning IV?

If there were people who could consciously evolve on a chemical or
even a cellular level, then a person who could map that process
of evolution on a chemical or even a cellular level
would be functioning at learning V. Am I right?