Intro - Roland E. Foerster

Roland Foerster (
Fri, 25 Nov 94 20:46:30 +0100

Hello everybody on this list. Hi from Switzerland to all the
organizational Learners on the net.

I just joined this list and would like to introduce myself:

Roland E. Foerster, 1953, Ph.D. in biochemistry. I've worked for many
years in different functions in industry: Research & Development,
Information Technology, Human Resources & Management Development,
since 1988 as internal consultant. Independent Trainer & Consultant
since 1992. Key words to my work are: Systemic Thinking, Change
Management, Organizational and Team Development, Leadership and
Communication, Learning Organization, Individual & Team Learning,
Business Reengineering, Brain Power and Creativity, Stress
Management, Relaxation, Integral Health.

I have been working in the field of Systems Thinking since quite some
years, with different methods and approaches. During this work I
realized that the approach to systems is different in Europe compared
to US. So my goal is now to take both "methods" and try to integrate
them with one another.

I have designed and run international training for a Swiss based
industrial company, following the line of the five disciplines. This
training was (and is) very successful, an interesting approach to
management development in a company.

Currently I'm involved in three projects in mid-sized (for Swiss
measures) and small companies to introduce the principles of the
learning organization. All these projects stand in the very
beginning, so I'm specially interested in questions on how to
introduce these ideas in the companies.

I'm looking forward to many interesting discussions.


Roland Foerster

Dr. Roland E. Foerster, HumanConsult
Management Consulting & Development
Bueelisackerstr. 28, CH-5622 Waltenschwil, Switzerland
voice: ++41-57-23 14 68, fax: ++41-57-22 83 65
e-mail: (NeXT-Mail welcome)