Re: Strategy Planning via Computer
Mon, 21 Nov 94 11:14:02 EST

Charles Barclay writes:
.."I then asked, "Why do you think you
want to insist on teaching studnets how to play a game that has
ill-defined models of unknown & intertwining complexity?"

"The computer simulations did not make it into our required curriculum
but out of deference it was maintained that the committee suggested
"simulation games are a useful means of supporting strategic

I have a similar question regarding the use of modeling in strategic planning
in the boardroom. Professional modelers do everything in their power, I am
sure, to help their clients understand that the "map" (the model, its formulae
and underlying assumptions) is not the "territory," but isn't there something
very compelling about the "reality" these models chart out? How do those of
you in the field make certain that your models are not misunderstood and