Re: A request for help (long)
Mon, 21 Nov 94 11:06:00 PST

A plan for female succession into what? If it is male-dominated to the
degree you describe, I assess that having separate plans will just continue
the status quo for a while, and then eventually you may have a "male" and a
"female" organization instead of an integrated firm. But don't see how they
would eventually move on to higher positions if the current attitude/system
continues undisturbed.

I would suggest you look at restructuring the plan to somehow include women
more into the mainstream of the firm.

Will it be "painful", controversial, easily rejected by some? I know of no
organization where women are first being considered as high-level
contributors or executives where this has not happened.

Luis Mederos

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G'day from Denis Cowan, Brisbane, Australia

My request.

I am currently having a discussion with one of my clients re succession
planning. I have gathered all of the usual data re concepts, people,
training, need, interest etc.. All of those things that fit into a neat
Human resource package. My client says that I have done an effective job.

Here is the nub. THe organization is a male dominated technical
organization. Both my client and I believe that the males within the
organization will be promoted through the male mentoring system whether
they do or do not have a succession planning program. What about the
females ? There is only one female in the top 40 or so positions.

Should my client implement a succession planning process for women only ?

I await you comments with interest

Denis Cowan