Re: A request for help (long)

Al Selvin (
Mon, 21 Nov 94 10:30:30 EST

> Here is the nub. THe organization is a male dominated technical
> organization. Both my client and I believe that the males within the
> organization will be promoted through the male mentoring system whether
> they do or do not have a succession planning program. What about the
> females ? There is only one female in the top 40 or so positions.
> Should my client implement a succession planning process for women only ?

For an interesting sidelight on this issue, see this Sunday's (11/20/94)
New York Times Business section. There is an article about a
new play written by a woman who was a bond trader for Kidder
Peabody for several years. The play focuses on a woman encountering
a "male dominated" culture on the trading floor.


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