Re: No Subject
Mon, 21 Nov 1994 09:17:43 -0500

As in Physics, everything you learned in the first four years (i.e.,
Newtonian Mechanics) gets blown away in one fell swoop when you get into
Quantum Mechanics. I asked myself, "was the Newtonian stuff necessary?" The
answer is "yes." When you are constructing a building you must build the
scaffolding to support your work (a base so to speak). When you are finished
with your construction you can then remove the scaffold.

Start with the detailed basics and go through an enlightenment period. Don't
worry avout the "big picture," that will come later. The "big picture" will
not be as dramatic to you unless you have the details. It is a great feeling
when you have spent all the time and effort looking at the trees and then all
of a sudden you realize that you are in a beautiful forest.

Bob Lynch