Re: The Learning Organization Structure (fwd)

Keith Cowan (
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 17:21:38 -0500 (EST)

Sorry for being so late with this. My current assignment has me
doing some organizational "unlearning" consulting and I cannot
access this list from there (plus it was out of town). This attitude
of dismissal of an idea like the Robbins analogy is disturbing for
a list dedicated to "LEARNING"! If it is the satndard in this list
I will keep looking for a useful one..Keith
> From: "Chas. A. Barclay" <>
> Tony Robbins can't be used as useful model of discussion on
> organizations until it has been tested and objective criteria of
> analysis applied to that model. Besides, as was stated, what applies
> to individuals doesn't necessarily apply to organizations.
> You simply can't take an untrained individual with a huge financial
> interest in getting people to beleive in his gospel and buy his
> tapes, seminars and books WITHOUT independent validation seriously.
> Come on, he states he's successful because he learned the secrets of
> success and now teaches others how to lose weight, feel good about
> themselves, and be aggressive--and then started selling it to you!
I would suggest that an organization will only enter a learning phase
when the is leverage over someone in the organziation. I do it through
both direct interaction with the CEO to maintian the power base and by
ignoring him occasionally to influence others who already know about the
power base. This is a combination of traditional means but the net effect
is to make the rest of the organization UNFROZEN because they want to pay
attention to me and the people who "sign up" with me...tis makes it a L-O
from an external perspective. What I need to discover is how to make this
last after I ma gone! Thanks for your insights....Keith Cowan

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