Re: The Learning Organization Structure (fwd)

Keith Cowan (
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 17:06:29 -0500 (EST)

Yes, in fact that is a key factor in the creation and sustaining of a L-O
it must "want" to change either through economic crisis or through superior
management or a combination. This is the challenge with BPR, L-O and every other
change practitioner. I agree that Tony Robbins simplifies the "get leverage
step but I am impressed with the results he can achieve by understanding the
GET LEVERAGE point - without it everything else just BAU!...Keith Cowan
> From: (Dr. Ivan Blanco)
> > >1) Get leverage - the organization as a whole and its individuals
> > > must want to change, in fact recognize that change is survival
> > >2) Break the paradigm - convince them that the current ways no longer work
> > >3) Install a new paradigm - what new beliefs and behaviours will replace
> > > the old ones
> > >Although Tony's focus is the individual, I believe that treating an org
> > >as an evolving "being" has merit.
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> > This is the same theory as Kurt Lewins Change Theory which I beleive is
> > where this guy got his it follows:
> > 1. Unfreeze the org. - they have to want to change
> > 2. Change the org. - Show them the alternatives
> > 3. Refreeze the new behaviors......
> >
> > Funny how the same theories continue to get tweeked based on the lastest
> > vocabulary...
> >
> Yes! But it doesn't matter what we call it it is still the same
> thing. "Neuro Associative Conditioning", what a name! I tell my students
> that I cannot teach them anything. That they will learn if they really
> want to learn! This is the same as the Robbins' "get leverage." I believe
> that if one gets condition 1 (that the individuals and the organization
> want to learn, and recognize the need to change), then there isn't any need
> for any one to "sell" a new paradigm. They will look for the alternatives
> themselves. The problem with both Robbins and Lewins is that they don't
> tell you how to get people to want to learn! Once we get this resolved then
> there is no problem - they will learn!