Re: Learning I, II & III, Gregory Bateson, Steps to An Ecolo

Andrew Moreno (
Fri, 18 Nov 94 12:47 EST


I know most of you seasoned experts probably don't care much about
little points like this, but I was wondering about some stuff.

I've got to take 9 modules for this MBA program. I can take any one
I want to first. The school and prospectus recommends that strategic
planning be taken last.

I just bought and read The Fifth Discipline last night and I figured
that I'd be better off taking strategic planning first and then take
economics, finance, marketing etc. later. I think this would give me a
cross-functional approach. This is the exact opposite of what the
school recommends.

So in a nutshell, is a cross-functional approach effective if the
re isn't proficiency in the component parts or functions? I'm
guessing that seeing the forest before I see the trees will help me
see and understand each tree because it will provide a larger context.

Does not understanding each tree first affect my ability to see the

Gee, I gotta work on my critical thinking skills.